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The SunDalí Videos

SunDali Music Video

SunDalí Horologe Videos

The Horologe video includes the scene as above, but in real time. It starts at midnight and goes until the next midnight. Start it any time and seek to the current time, and leave it running as a clock. If you enjoy this, please donate using the button below.
Due to the size of the sound for a 24 hour soundtrack, only one video includes the full audio. For the others, you may download a two-hour audio soundscape separately and play that with the video yourself. The soundtrack consists of the surreal soundscape available in the iPhone and iPad app, and includes a Spanish folk tune play every 15 minutes.
HD 720p with sound
HD 1080p silent 336M
HD 720p silent 114M
1028x768 (iPad) silent
640x480 silent 53M
2 hour audio soundscape 166M